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Mission Statement:
A nonprofit 501(c)(3 )organization of Washington State and the United States, this Association was founded for the purposes of: preserving the Cleveland High School Memorial Forest [located at 28322 SE Issaquah-Fall City Road, Fall City, WA] in perpetuity to honor former Cleveland students who gave their lives in service to the United States of America; supporting the educational uses in forestry, ecology, botany and environmental studies of the forest; and supporting and assisting students and staff of Cleveland High School in Seattle, Washington  in their educational activities. Any individual who attended Cleveland Junior or Senior High School is a member of the Cleveland High School Alumni Association.

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We had a productive 2018 year 
  • Supported CHS athletics
  • Scholarships awarded
  • Led Memorial Day activities at Memorial Forest
  • Published and mailed three newsletters.  6000 copies each
  • Miscellaneous expenses included insurance and web
  • Details are generally in the newsletters; please ask us if there are any questions.
Minutes from Annual Meeting Jan 20,2018


January 2018 Newsletter  Link
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January 2019 Newsletter  Link

  Annual Meeting scheduled 26 January 2019      All Alumni encouraged to attend and participate

    2015 Annual meeting minutes

   2016 Annual meeting minutes draft


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Updating your Information:
Not on the mailing list, please contact JoAnn Smith, (Membership Coordinator) to update your address.
“If you are planning a reunion, please contact Jae Ahn Nakahara (Membership Coordinator) via email: and we will share contact information. If you are not receiving the newsletter via paper or electronic notice, please contact the Membership Coordinator with your updated your contact information. We encourage subscription to notification of recent newsletters via email.”




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