Jessica Louie
Jessica plans to attend the U of W in Seattle where she has been accepted into their Direct to Computer Science program.
She maintained a 4.0 GPA and developed a diverse set of skills always looking for the ‘why’ behind concepts. She was active in Girls Who Code, was part of the Running Start program and was president of the National Honor Society.
She was influenced by her aunt, who taught her about hard work, good family values, and that perseverance is the key to success. Jessica also took AP courses and was always working ahead of her class. She received an AP Scholar Award.
She volunteered at the Jefferson Community Center and UW Making Connections. She was also part of All Girl Everything Frisbee Program – a grassroots tackling social justice issues activity.
Her sports activities include Soccer (team captain in 2018) and Varsity Frisbee.
She wants to use her degree in the computer science fields to attain an executive position and be an influence in mentoring and encouraging women to do the same.
Her hobbies include: playing guitar, sketching and drawing.

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