Treasurer’s Report – May 2024

Submitted by: Trena Burns Walker

We are excited to announce the implementation of QuickBooks as our new bookkeeping system. This upgrade allows us to consolidate all our accounts in one place, facilitating better management of donations and expenses with easily accessible reports. Additionally, we have invested in a dedicated Zoom account to improve our communication and meeting efficiency since January 2024.

2024 Budget Overview:

  • Memorial Forest: $35,000
  • Scholarship: $30,000
  • Athletics: $10,000
  • General Fund (includes Activities, CHS School Needs, and Operating Costs): $37,500
  • Total Planned Expenses: $112,500

Note: Actual expenses may vary based on the donations and grants received, as well as specific requests from the school.

Significant Contributions:

  • We gratefully acknowledge generous donations from alumni of the Class of 1954: John and Mary Lou (Zarkades) Barton contributed $20,000, and M L Shukis donated $22,000, specifically earmarked for the CHSAA Memorial Forest Project #1.
  • Additionally, a thoughtful donation of $25,000 in memory of Margaret Imus has been allocated to our scholarship fund, addressing urgent needs for student support.

Allocations This Year:

  • CHS InvestED: $2,000 to assist with varied student needs.
  • Baseball (Cleveland STEM High School Booster Club): $5,000 used for new uniforms, a home run fence, indoor batting cage rentals, and helmets.
  • Soccer (Cleveland STEM High School Booster Club): $1,500 for new warm-ups, equipment, and socks, with the new coach, CHS alumnus Coach Rubia Mugola, leading the team.
  • Eagle Legends Hall of Fame Board: $964.69 to enhance this vital school heritage project.

Support Our Future Eagles:

Your contributions make a tangible difference! Please consider making an online donation through our secure platform at We also welcome donations via check. Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to Cleveland High School.

2023 Accomplishments

Unity and Achievement: Celebrating the CHS Alumni Association’s 2023 Milestones

Cleveland High School Alumni Association: 2023 Year in Review

In a year marked by transition and renewal, the Cleveland High School Alumni Association (CHSAA) proudly shares our collective achievements and milestones for 2023. Our dedication to supporting current students, the school, and its broader community has yielded significant results, thanks to the unwavering support of our alumni, family, and friends.

Reconnecting and Rebuilding

  • In-Person Meetings Resume: Transitioning from pandemic to endemic status, COVID-19 allowed us to resume in-person gatherings safely. The annual meeting convened on February 4th at Cleveland High School, signifying a return to tradition and community engagement.
  • Board Meetings: Adaptability remained a theme, with board meetings held at local libraries or via Zoom as needed, ensuring our commitment to CHS never wavered.

Supporting Excellence in Athletics and Academics

  • Athletic Department Donations: Generous alumni contributions enabled the purchase of new track and football uniforms, totaling $7,237.25, including heartfelt donations in memory of beloved alumni Louis Gray (’82) and Brian Carlin (’86).
  • Scholarship Awards: Eight deserving graduates from the Class of 2023 were awarded scholarships totaling $10,000, a testament to the Alumni Association’s commitment to fostering academic achievement and potential.
  • Community Presence: A $250 donation supported the creation of banners for the Seattle Torchlight Parade, proudly showcasing CHS Football and honoring the memory of former players.

Strengthening Our Foundation

  • Record-Breaking Donations: Nearly $100,000 ($94,438) was raised, setting a new benchmark for alumni, family, and friend contributions.
  • Strategic Planning: Creating a Five-Year Strategic Plan and a clear budget for 2024 underscores our commitment to transparency and long-term success.
  • Operational Enhancements: Restructured donation categories and streamlined committees bolster the Association’s effectiveness and encourage broader volunteer participation.

Building for the Future

  • New Leadership Connection: A productive meeting with new CHS Principal Jeff Lam laid the groundwork for ongoing collaboration and support aligned with the school’s vision.
  • Technology and Efficiency: Establishing a TechSoup account enables access to essential software at reduced rates, optimizing our operations.
  • Centennial Celebrations Begin: Initial planning for Cleveland High School’s 100th Anniversary in September 2027 is underway, promising a landmark celebration of our rich history and vibrant future.
  • Renewed PTSA Partnership: Strengthening ties with the CHS Parent-Teacher-Student Association, we renew our commitment to the CHS community.

The CHS Alumni Association is more than a network; it’s a family dedicated to making a difference. As we reflect on a year of significant achievements, we look forward to building on this foundation, inspired by our shared legacy and the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Secretary’s Report, May 2024

Treasurer’s Report, May 2024

The Forest is protected!

Cleveland High School Memorial Forest Conservation Easement Agreement with King County and Memorandum of Understanding with the Cleveland High School Alumni Association

On March 10, 2021 the Cleveland High School Alumni Association was successful in its efforts to convince Seattle Public Schools (SPS) to sell the development rights to the Memorial Forest to King County Parks Department (KCPD). This major accomplishment means

  • SPS retains ownership of the property
  • SPS collects $3.47 million from KCPD
  • Easement placed on the property to restrict development
  • Property is added to KCPD Forest Conservation plan
  • CHS alumni can rest assured that the property is protected.

Details about this meeting can be found at

CHSAA and SPS signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for CHSAA use of the Forest, including:
  • CHSAA is allowed to provide a new concrete sign “The Cleveland High School Memorial Forest”
  • SPS will consider rebuilding the existing lyceum ($120K-$150K)
  • CHSAA and SPS will consider a feasibility study for managing the CHS Memorial Forest, featuring selective harvesting and replanting

The Landon Plaque

The Ed Landon plaque, which was conceived by Mary Ann Bosnich McCord ’57 and designed by John Barton ’54 and Bernie Moskowitz ’57. This is a bronze plaque located in the Ed Landon Library at Cleveland High School.

The Granite Monument

The purpose of the granite monument is to replace the bronze plaques that listed our fallen heroes who lost their lives while serving in the armed forces of the United States during World War II, The Korean War and the Vietnam War. The bronze plaques were ripped off and likely sold as scrap metal. The granite monument was designed by John Barton ’54 with assistance from Patricia Sullivan Rosenkranz ’49 who wrote the book Honored Dead, which tells the story of the Cleveland High School ‘Gold Star Men’ who died while serving in World War II.

CHS Veteran's Memorial

The CHS Veteran’s memorial, which was conceived by Bernie Moskowitz ’57 and designed by John Barton ’54, Bernie Moskowitz ’57 and Mary Lou (Zarkades) Barton ’54. 

This memorial is located at Tahoma National Cemetery in Covington Washington where Bernie is the lead bugler.