CHSAA Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Applications for 2024

The Cleveland High School Alumni Association (CHSAA) is offering scholarship grants to eligible Class of 2024 Cleveland High School graduates for the upcoming 2024-2025 academic year. Scholarships are granted to students who will be attending college, universities, vocational, technical schools or institutions.

Each grant will be deposited into the recipient’s selected college, university, or vocational/technical school or institution upon verification of admission acceptance and enrollment.

Submit your completed application with supporting documents by Sunday April 12th, 2024. 

Deadline updated to Friday, April 26, 2024.



In order to be considered you must:

  1. be a graduating senior of Seattle’s Cleveland High School
  2. meet admission requirements of selected college, university, vocational or technical school.
  3. be enrolled as a full-time (or minimum of 10 quarter hours) student in 2024 academic year.

(If you take advantage of South Seattle Community College’s free first year, this scholarship may be deferred until the following year.)

You will be taken to our secure online form hosted by Jotform.

Essay details


State your career and educational goals including your choice of school and reasons for your decision.  Tell us how this grant would assist you in achieving them. (limited to 500 words)


Choose from one of the following prompts for your response. (Limit to 500 words)

  1. Describe the most influential person in your life and why?
  2. Describe a moment or something that made a big impact throughout your life.
  3. Describe three things that are important to you.  Why?  How will they change in 5/10/15 years?


The following documents are required in order for your application to be considered:

  1. The completed application.
  2. Two Essays. 
  3. Official school transcript. Ask the CHS Registrar to send your transcript to
  4. Two Letters of Recommendation with at least one from your instructors/faculty.

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Jhasmin Laureano Damian

Jhasmin has worked out how she can serve her Latinx community while addressing her desire for personal growth over time. She plans to continue looking out for others by becoming a pharmacist with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Jhasmin believes that bringing that knowledge to her community will have a positive impact.

Attendance at the University of Southern California, where she can also focus on her Chicano history, will challenge her to acquire new experiences and develop more confidence and a profound comprehension of the world and its people.

In her years at CHS, Jhasmin has achieved a balance of:

  • studies resulting in 3.8 GPA,
  • school activities. (ASB Cabinet member, Key Club Treasurer).
  • community activities (Tech Blog, Youth Advocacy, and Leadership Hub with
    Washington Latino Community Fund).
  • work of 20 hours per week to save for college.

Jhasmin hopes to maintain a balance in her life, including education, family, and personal growth. We wish her success in achieving her goals and that the scholarship award is helpful.

Arni Hoang

Arni has had a very accomplished high school career. He earned a respectable 3.87 GPA while attending Running Start classes at the University of Washington. His goals for a career involve computer science.

While performing exceptionally well in high school, he was involved with many extracurricular activities, including swim team captain, tennis, and the ultimate Frisbee team, which he helped take to state championships.

Recommendations highlighted his leadership qualities, wonderful sense of humor, quick learning, acceptance of diversity, and ability to see both sides of issues. 

We wish Arni every success in the next phase of his life.

Evan Li
Evan is thrilled to be accepted as a biology major at the University of Pennsylvania, a prestigious Ivy League school. He attributes his successes to the inspiration of his hardworking father and care-giving mother. Evan has worked toward making college costs less stressful for the family. His job as a Student Research Intern at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and his focused effort to obtain scholarship funds is helping him to reach that goal. Drawn to a high level of community involvement, Evan nourishes his soul with a sense of belonging by assuming various roles:
  • at the Rainier Valley Food Bank – packing food for clients.
  • at Asian Counseling & Referral Service, planning meetings and events to support students in Running Start.
  • as an Upward Bound Ambassador for over two years.
In addition, Evan has contributed to CHS programs as a Softball Team manager, leader of the Link Crew, and Cabinet member of the Asian Student Union. Building a program for First Generation Low-Income [FGLI] students to ensure their college success has helped Evan build community and share success. The Alumni Scholarship Committee is pleased to help fund Evan’s education. We wish him success in his studies and subsequent career as a biology researcher. Congratulations, Evan!
Dana Loui

Dana had an awe-inspiring high school career. She stayed grounded during difficult times brought on by the pandemic and was involved with other students, ASB, PTSA, and other school clubs, which raised nearly $10K while getting food and other necessities to those in need. She also participated as a student representative in the hiring process of new administrators and was a speaker at several Seattle Public Schools board meetings regarding safety and staffing.

Dana is very involved in helping her community while maintaining a near-perfect GPA, taking advanced placement classes, holding office on the ASB board, working on the yearbook, and being a National Honor Society member. She was part of Cleveland’s Biomedical Life Science Academy, where she devoted four years to studying courses and topics that included physiology, health conditions, laboratory techniques, and biomedical research. She was the captain of the basketball team. Dana also held positions at the family-owned business Uwajimaya.

Dana will attend the University of Washington at the Foster School of Business to work up the corporate ladder to support her family’s legacy. She is very community-oriented.

Dana has been a very busy young individual, and we wish her the best in her next life stage.

Kim Nguyen

Kim Nguyen received a $1200 grant from the Cleveland High School Alumni Association, which goes to the University of Washington, where Kim plans to study Biochemistry. While recognizing that her parents’ money is hard to come by, Kim took advantage of as many free courses and college-level courses offered by Cleveland, including participation in the Running Start Program through Seattle Community College during her Junior and Senior years as one way of reducing her costs of higher education. She states in her essay that she will be the first family member to complete secondary school and enroll in college. 

While observing daily family situations, her career path became clear. She plans to focus on research to create new medicine. Saving for a new laptop was a top priority for Kim. Still, when the need for medication and food became pronounced in her home community in Vietnam during COVID-19, Kim responded from the heart by giving her savings to her mom so her family could supply medicine and food to them. 

Kim’s Letters of Recommendation revealed how hard Kim works to support her community in Vietnam and at a nearby elementary school where she mentored and tutored grade school students in art and engineering. Her recommenders spoke of her leadership skills, academic abilities, and how genuine she is as she stands for what is right. She is bright and curious, one of them stated. 

Congratulations, Kim, and may you always fly high as an Eagle.

Abino Peredo

Abina Peredois a $1200 Cleveland High School Alumni Association grant recipient. She plans to study pre-Science and Biology at the University of Washington while pursuing a career as a Physician Assistant in emergency medicine. As a freshman, Abina learned to step out of her comfort zone, which helped her realize the need to prevent mental blocks from discouraging her from reaching her goals. She accepted leadership roles in student government, Key Club, and community service, participating fully with no regrets. 

Letters of Recommendation praised her skills in collaboration, dependability, and quick understanding. They speak highly of her integrity and maturity, which provide her with the desire to work hard to achieve her academic goals and beyond. 

Congratulations, Abina, and may you always fly high as an Eagle!


Maxwell claims his career goals and objectives are still a work in progress. Even so, he is sure he wants to continue building upon his STEM knowledge base. Discovering that he could easily do math equations in his head at a young age set him on a path involving engineering and design.

His acceptance at the University of Washington is especially thrilling, given that his father and grandfather graduated there. Maxwell hopes to contribute to their legacy of positive impacts on Seattle and its communities. He aims to create a sustainable world through technology and make it accessible to everyone.

Maxwell’s focus on studying (including through Running Start) has been balanced by volunteering as a science camp assistant with Food Lifeline and currently with Open Doors for Multi-Cultural Families as a tutor for children from culturally and linguistically diverse families with developmental disabilities or special health care needs.

The CHS Scholarship Committee wishes Maxwell Rose success in pursuing higher education in Science and Math and a productive future.

Danica Silvestre

The Cleveland High School Alumni Association is proud to announce Danica Silvestre as one of our scholarship recipients this year. Danica has been active in school leadership since she was a freshman and spent her senior year as the ASB General Secretary. In addition to the impact made through the school leadership team, Danica has been active as the varsity volleyball captain, Key Club member, and a lion dance club member. In one of her essays, Danica spoke about overcoming a particular challenge in middle school and how that shaped her into the outspoken student she has become. Danica has aspired to be a vital part of her community and to give back. She has consistently recognized how much nurses do for the community, influencing her current goal to become a registered nurse through the nursing program at the University of WA Seattle campus.

Danica received glowing letters of recommendation. One of her teachers wrote, “Danica is a high-achieving leader and student who doesn’t fall into the stressful trap of becoming consumed with adding to her resume. Her accomplishments are driven by altruism, and she is motivated by creating the ideal community for those around her.”

Congratulations, Danica!

Anna Ni

Congratulations to Anna Ni, who will focus on computer science at Boston University. Anna was drawn to math and science from a young age and is now looking to make the STEM field more diverse and accessible to women of color. She wrote a beautiful essay on the different manifestations of familial love and how she grew to appreciate the power of action as an expression of love. She also wrote about taking the initiative and being proactive in her community. This is evident through her various school activities, such as being the National Honor Society President, Chinese Student Association President/Founder, Key Club Editor, Yearbook Editor-in-Chief, and varsity track captain. 

Her letter writers commented that “the strong work ethic, compassion, and perseverance she displays sets her apart from other students” and that “Anna works with an intentionality and thoughtfulness that far surpasses many of her peers.” 

The CHS Alumni Association wishes Anna the best in all her endeavors!

Annie Tran-Thien

Annie will study Cell and Molecular Biology at Seattle University. Curiosity and solving puzzles have been Annie’s passions throughout life, figuring out how pieces fit together. She realized medicine was a puzzle. Opportunities, classes, and personal experience guided Annie to seek a career in the medical field. Striving for excellence while using her life experiences are attributes Annie will use to achieve her goals.

“Annie is an intellectually curious student with an extraordinary command of how we convey meaning through language.” ~ LOR

Hermela Berhanu

Hermela will focus on International Affairs at the University of Virginia. Her father went through a lengthy and complex immigration process. Because of this and her dedication to helping others through the same kind of struggles, Hermela plans to use her education to go into immigration law.

Hermela had a solid academic record and will graduate high school and get her associate’s degree through Running Start simultaneously. She held leadership positions in the Black Student Union, was a cheerleading captain, and was involved in community outreach and education. 

One of her letter writers commented that Hermela is “motivated, diligent, thoughtful and hardworking,” having overcome many of her struggles. Another letter writer commented on how community-minded Hermela is and that her peers highly valued her for her strong collaborative spirit. She notes that her faith is a significant part of her life and drives her dedication to her community and love for all people.

Congratulations to Hermela!

Lars Olt

Lars Olt plans to study Computer Science with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence accepted at Western Washington University. Engineering has been his passion from a young age. Classes he took at Cleveland further nurtured this passion, especially regarding software engineering and artificial intelligence.

One of Lars’s goals has been to tame his dyslexia, and while participating in debate, he achieved this. One of his recommenders spoke of his honesty, humor, and helpfulness to others as he “treats everyone with respect and dignity.”

Bottom line, Lars loves to learn and apply his learning towards helping others.” ~ LOR

Nouryani Saleh

Nouryani brings creativity and energy to her academic work, contribution to school and community, and her extra-curricular activities. She has been successful in challenging classes through goal setting, teamwork, and curiosity. Nouryani has served as ASB Secretary and enjoyed being a CHS reporter/journalist and a manager for the boys’ Soccer Team.

She knows what she wants to achieve in her university years and why. In her words:

“One of the reasons why I want to pursue the business route as a career is because I’ve always wanted flexibility in my working schedule. I never liked the idea of working a traditional 9 to 5 job because I wanted to be present there for friends and family.“

Nouryani has prepared for life in the business world by serving internships with groups focused on social justice and advocacy and gaining experience organizing events; developing her art into a money-making side hustle; and gaining direct admission into the UW Foster School of Business

CHS Alumni is pleased to award Nouryani a partial scholarship toward University expenses. Good luck!

Most importantly, Nouryani learned to welcome change in her life — that it is the beginning of something new and creates the strongest version of ourselves.

Alayna Ly

Alayna is a highly community-oriented person: she has served as a link crew leader supporting new students, been secretary of the Debate club, and tutored elementary school children in reading. All this, plus maintaining superior grades and being a musician with the orchestra and jazz club.

Inspired by what she learned in a 10th-grade Biomedical Science class, Alayna realized that she wanted training in genetics to prepare for supporting others emotionally and acting as an educator. She is interested in genetic counseling as a way to combine her scientific curiosity and her passion for patient advocacy. She has seen families who could have benefited from genetic counseling and wants to know how to help them.

Alayna plans to complete a BS in Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology, followed by a graduate genetic counseling program at the University of Washington.

The CHS Alumni Association wishes Alayna well in her search for a meaningful career and is pleased to award some funds for UW expenses.

Arika Chinn

According to UW Upward Bound, Arika is a focused, well-organized, determined, motivated, and resilient student. She has managed to hold good grades, serve the Cleveland community as Secretary of the ASB Board, and care for an elderly family member. She maintained high involvement in CHS leadership activities such as fundraisers, school safety, and pandemic protection. 

Here are Arika’s plans:

“In the fall, I intend to start my major in pre-nursing at the University of Washington. Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed caring for those around me. Whether it’s family, friends, or strangers that I meet, I’m always willing to help. At Cleveland High School, I took the path of SOLS which is the study of life sciences. This path allowed me to grow in the medical area and develop a genuine interest in the field. I learned more about the STEM areas and gained access to practice more in this area. I’ve learned how much I enjoy showing up for others to mentally and physically help them.“

The CHS Alumnae Scholarship Committee is pleased to award Arika a partial scholarship for education at the University of Washington.

Good luck, Arika, in achieving your dream of earning a nursing degree!

Kathy Hua
Kathy will be attending Harvard University with an emphasis on biology and languages. She’s interested in medical issues and wishes to help others by providing support for the underserved. She translated for her parents and held lots of responsibility at home. Kathy was very involved in AGE UP, a group devoted to engaging youth leaders tackling social justice issues while maintaining her academic requirements. She found herself with friends unable to communicate with host country authorities and felt they weren’t wanted due to the language barrier. This prompted her desire to learn more about languages and other cultures to close the gap for better communication and understanding. She applied to the US Dept. of State’s language study abroad.
Mia Dabney

Mia will attend Howard University and study bioethics.

Mia’s favorite quote is, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
 ~ Gandhi

Mia became involved with science and ways it could be improved to solve the inequities of the marginalized population. She also took on leadership roles with the NAACP Youth Council. She wants to make changes within her community, as did Martin Luther King Jr. Mia has also been very involved with student government and the journalism program.

Samuel Assefa
Aspiring to break down the stigmas involving Black mental health and to provide affordable therapy services as an entrepreneur, Samuel Assefa is pursuing degrees in psychology and business. His admirable qualities are his sincerity and empathy to make his community a better place and his resiliency toward challenges he has faced. During Samuel’s high school years, Sam has balanced his schoolwork, extracurricular activities in NAACP Youth Council and Black Student Union, and part-time jobs at Seattle stadiums. He has developed strong teamwork and leadership skills along the way and was steadfast in achieving academic success to realize his college and career goals. This fall, he will be attending Seattle Central College and plans to transfer in his Junior year to the University of Washington. His career goal is to earn accreditation as a therapist.
Alexis Neri

Alexis Neri’s commitment to her community and high academic achievements exemplified her high school years at Cleveland. As an active member of the CHS Filipino Club, she rose to leadership positions and served as a Treasurer and President of the club. Alexis was also involved in the broader Cleveland High School community. In her sophomore year, she served as an ASB Treasurer. Navigating through a year and a half of remote learning, she adapted her leadership role to the challenges of the pandemic world. 

As a recognition of her integral part in the Cleveland community, Alexis received the CHS Spirit Unity and Progress (SUP) award. In the classroom, she maintained a high GPA while taking honors classes and later enrolled as a full-time running start student and earned a place on the Dean’s and President’s List at Seattle Central College. 

This Fall, Alexis will attend the University of Washington Seattle and pursue a degree in finance. Combining her natural teaching abilities discovered from her tutoring job, Alexis aspires to be a financial advisor and teach others to manage their finances.

Benjamin Patawaran, III

Congratulations to Benjamin Patawaran III (Trey), winner of a 2022 CHS Alumni Scholarship, who will study Business Administration in the Foster’s School of Business at the University of Washington. At a young age, Trey discovered he had the desire to help people.

“Trey is responsible, inquisitive, driven to succeed, and one of the hardest working students I’ve ever met. He is wise beyond his years.”
 ~ Teacher & Baseball Coach

While managing a high GPA, Trey was active inside and outside school. In addition to attending Running Start at the Seattle Central Community College, Trey was captain of the Cleveland Eagles baseball team, Vice President of the National Honor Society, and Secretary for the Chinese Student Association. He also was active in the Seattle Chinese Athletic Association (SCAA) and was a youth basketball coach.

Kayla Hoang

Congratulations to Kayla, who will study Nursing at Seattle University!

Kayla was a part of Cleveland’s Engineering and Design Academy and excelled in a series of engineering courses for three years. However, impacted by her grandmother’s death in Vietnam during COVID, Kayla decided to switch her life path to nursing. To help develop her college and career aspiration, she took additional courses, participated in nursing programs, and joined the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) club, which increased her passion for nursing.

“Kayla has a growth mindset and is an independent learner who is passionate about pursuing the nursing field” and “will do amazing things in her future. She will do amazing things in the future!” ~ CHS Counselor

Kayla was also active at Cleveland High School. She was the president and founder of the Kpop Dance Club, secretary of the Green Team (environmental group), captain of the Varsity Cross Country team, and a member of the National Honors Society. She was also on the Varsity Bowling and Track and Field teams.

Nita Han
Nita has become a well-balanced STEM student who deeply engages in her learning and has developed collaboration, teamwork, and leadership skills. She worked on the Aquila Yearbook and NHS Club and supported the Volleyball team for four years, reportedly improving each year. Drawing, painting, and snowboarding fill out the “fun” category. Because Nita lived with her Aunt after her parents returned to Cambodia, she made an effort to minimize her expenses and worked part-time for three years. Nita’s Aunt understood that there are more opportunities for women in the U.S. than in Cambodia. Nita values the better life her Aunt has made possible and moved from seeking to gain her Aunt’s approval to becoming a person she is proud of. Since middle school, Nita has planned to become a lawyer to make a difference in people’s lives. She always knew she wanted to help people, specifically people of color. The question became, “What kind of lawyer? A trial lawyer, an immigration lawyer? Nita realized that she would end up in law school, no matter her major. The CHS Alumni Association is pleased to award Nita Han a partial scholarship for University expenses and wishes her good fortune in deciding the direction of her career.

Described as “among the top intelligent students I have ever taught,” as well as mature, reliable, and kind, Megan Louie was highly recommended for a CHSAA scholarship. Megan is a successful student both in and outside the classroom. Maintaining straight A’s while taking honors, AP, and Running Start classes throughout her high school years, Megan was an athlete, a cheerleader, and a founding member and President of the CHS Chinese Student Association. Outside the classroom, she worked part-time and volunteered in her community. Megan’s volunteer work with Team Read — a nonprofit supported by the John Stanford Association that matches high school “coaches” with 1st through 4th-grade students to meet their grade reading level — showcased Megan’s character and personal development.

Megan started as a reading coach, both in person and via Zoom. Joy and excitement flourished in her students as they became proficient readers, inspiring Megan to become resilient and confident. Taking on additional tasks, Megan was promoted to a Team Read Site Assistant for Dunlap Elementary School. Despite the chaotic situation in remote learning brought on by COVID, Megan rose to the occasion, matching readers with their coaches, keeping vital data significant to a grant-funded program, and providing coaching support. Despite her busy schedule, Megan has never missed a session or logged onto Zoom late, demonstrating her maturity and understanding of the responsibility on which readers and site coordinators rely.

Megan has been admitted to the University of Washington’s highly competitive Foster School of Business. After earning her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Finance, she hopes to earn an MBA degree and work for a nonprofit hospital to serve her community. Congratulations to Megan! CHSAA wishes her all the best.

Helen’s plans for the future have evolved over her four years at CHS. As an income freshman in the Project 206 summer class, she had a head start in learning about youth incarceration. That success encouraged her to seek out challenging and fun science classes. She appreciates that the STEM curriculum is based on real-life situations. The School of Life pathway has helped her realize how much she likes science.

Her decision to major in pre-health sciences allows her to explore multiple healthcare professions before deciding between dentistry, pharmacy, medical research, or other possibilities.

Teachers describe Helen as “diligent,” a “serious scholar,” and “driven.” Helen has mentored students in Team Read, played on the CHS tennis team, served on the cabinet of the Green Team, participated in the Vietnamese Student Association, and is a member of her church Youth Program. Swimming for fun and online clothes and shoes marketing adds to her resume.

The Alumni Scholarship Committee is pleased to help fund college for Helen Tran. May she be successful in her college experience and following career. Congratulations!

By producing popular online videos and creatively generating ways to gain online in-game money, Vivian taught herself e-marketing and sales skills. Motivated by her accomplishments and looking to leverage her outside-the-box creativity, Vivian’s next step will be to attend the University of Washington’s business school to study marketing.

Vivian transformed from a reserved student to a team builder and a leader confident in communicating complex ideas and engaging her peers during her high school years. As an officer in Cleveland High School’s Green Team, her abilities showed through in a club that leads school-wide sustainability initiatives. In her junior year, her leadership was critical in Green Team’s successful partnership with Western Washington University in conducting a pollution and air-quality study.

Vivian helped increase the Green Team membership by 40% through weekly presentations, recruitment, and partnerships with the YMCA /AmeriCorps program. Using her illustrating skills, she designed one of the stickers sold during their fundraising campaign.

Balancing her time as a club officer and an athlete playing tennis and golf, Vivian is an exemplary student with an outstanding academic record. CHSAA is proud to award a CHSAA Scholarship to Vivian Pham!

We are pleased to offer one of this year’s Cleveland High School Alumni Association scholarships to Isabella Cruz. She intends to enroll at the University of Washington in pre-social sciences. Isabella’s academic aspirations have transformed from an initial interest in the most dangerous job she could find, to medicine, to the social aspects of medicine, and finally to the intersection of social policy and STEM careers. She intends to pursue a career in law. She is particularly interested in policy work to help people of color who are underrepresented in healthcare. She brings a voice to the underrepresented LGBT Hispanic community.

Isabella excelled academically and participated in a prestigious Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research internship. She also carved out the time to be the track team captain, play softball, and serve on the Seattle School District Student Advisory Board. In one of her essays, Isabella described how her attitude toward education was strongly shaped by the support she received from one of her AP class instructors. She felt strongly that her perseverance and determination were cultivated by that support, which dramatically changed her mindset about school. In one of Isabella’s glowing letters of recommendation, she was described as “someone who will approach life with a sharp mind, a natural curiosity, and the tenacity to stick it out, even in hard times.”

Congratulations, Isabella!

Journee received a scholarship so she could attend Xavier University. She plans to become a cardiothoracic surgeon, which will enable her to give back to her community as well as help black families keep healthy and live longer. She maintained a 3.6 GPA, loves chemistry, and will study pre-med.

Comments from staff recommendations describe her as a natural leader, resilient, self-directed, and mature beyond her years. She was active in the Black Student Union at Cleveland and participated in physiology and biomedical classes. She worked part-time to help with the home finances, but also played volleyball.

Journee lost her grandmother, who had raised her, and they were very close. Despite her difficult loss, she continued to strive to meet her goals.

We are confident that Journee will succeed and wish her all the best.

Nga came to this country when she was four years old, which was a difficult transition for her family. However, she became fluent in English by 3rd grade, ensuring that her parents’ sacrifices were not in vain.

After maintaining a 3.97-grade average, she plans to attend the University of Southern California and major in Business Administration and Environmental Accounting.

Active at school, she was the treasurer for the Green Team and Environmental Club. She also won 1st place in International Business as a Young Executive of Color. She played on the varsity tennis team. Her coach was very impressed by how fast she learned the games. One of her hobbies is playing badminton

Her community activities included being a Girls Rock math camp counselor and coaching beginners at the tennis center. She was a Hey mentor/student ambassador and a reading tutor to younger children. She is always helpful to others.

Her staff references describe her as being phenomenal in math (in the top 5%). She seeks the “why” of almost everything. She thrived during online classes, was tenacious and always fully engaged,

We wish her much luck in achieving her objectives.

The Cleveland High School Alumni Association is pleased to award Ariella Cornel one of this year’s CHSAA scholarships. Ariella plans to enroll in pre-health sciences at the University of Washington this fall. As a student athletic trainer, her work inspired her to enter the medical field. She has been active in many ways at Cleveland, culminating in her being both the Class and Associated Student Body Vice President. As President of the Filipino Club in her senior year, she took part in the broader Filipino community activities. She also managed to play on the varsity volleyball team and shared her love of dancing by leading and teaching Hawaiian dance.

In one of her essays, Ariella shared how much her life was affected by surviving a severe car accident in the 7th grade. This experience showed her that not every day is guaranteed and that you never know what may happen in life. She has the drive to better herself and make the most of what she has. One of her supporters wrote that she has a “go-getter attitude” with much to offer.

We are excited to see how the next steps in Ariella’s life will unfold – congratulations!

Justin is a highly motivated CHS student focused on becoming an orthodontist. With a fractured smile, he realized how vital dental work could be to a person’s sense of belonging and self-worth. He is resolved to learn how to help others with similar dental problems. He has prepared for his future by taking college-level math and science courses through Running Start.

Justin is very community-minded and has volunteered to learn about and teach other young people in the Clean Water Ambassador program, Planned Parenthood, and the Wilderness Inner-City Leadership Development group. He also facilitated a video documenting CID residents who feel unheard and helpless concerning social justice issues.

Justin has served as ASB Secretary on the Ultimate Frisbee team, studied and mentored Martial Arts skills, and worked to earn money for college.

Justin is focusing on his goals; he’s self-motivated, a community contributor, and helping others, so we’re sure he will be successful in college and life. Congratulations Justin!

Mahlet maintained an excellent GPA and intends to go to Stanford University.
She is undecided on her major but is leaning toward human biology.

Due to her parents’ inadequate treatment by doctors, Mahlet wants to join the battle for equity in health care. She was highly influenced by her brother to search for opportunities. She looked for STEM programs in Seattle and was a member of Making Connections.

Her community activities include tutoring and participating in the Rainer Beach Action Coalition, which led to her involvement in the African Student Association as president and founder. She was also involved with the UW Making Connections and UW math science, Upward Bound, and the UW Young Executives of Color.

She likes to bake and play volleyball. Staff recommendations highlighted her self-confidence and never accepting inequity. While she is a leader, she’s willing to seek out mentors and ask for help.

Her future is bright, and we wish her success and good luck.

Phi Tran has a clear view of how she wants to help sustain a world we can all live in. She is preparing herself for a college career that combines business and the environment. She hopes to create a public-private business model that provides eco-friendly services to underserved groups and increases green jobs that contribute to community resilience.

Her studies can lead to becoming a sustainability analyst to advise businesses on how to become more environmentally accountable. Phi also hopes to continue to teach students about sustainability and help create a more fair and just education system in Southeast Seattle.

Phi has enjoyed participating in CHS mock trials, competing in the Water Symposium, serving as Green Team president, and being part of Team Read. She also volunteers for Food Lifeline, the Rainier Valley Food Bank, and Hey Mentor. Playing tennis and chess rounds out Phi’s high school activities.

Congratulations, Phi, for creating a path to make your aspirations a reality. Good luck!

Phuc Thinh (Tai) was Intrigued by biology from a young age – – from gazing at life in the garden to studying the history of species to observing microorganisms under a microscope. He thrived on the many science STEM classes at CHS as well as in the Upward Bound program.

Tai’s accomplishments include: Water Symposium, Best Social/Cultural Considerations, and Best Poem; UW Upward Bound Math/Science Certificate of Achievement, and Excellence in Research and Ingenuity.

After living near impoverished communities as a child in Vietnam, Tai resolved to make aiding his community a top priority. One of his goals is to become a member of the healthcare community and contribute to the field of laboratory medicine – -possibly as a lab scientist.

Tai has found support from the kind acts of his teachers and friends. He understands how vital kindness can be and offers it to others to help them face their worries and doubts.

The Alumni Scholarship Committee is pleased to help fund college classes
for Tai Nguyen. He has our good wishes for success in university studies and meeting his goals.