Memorial Forest Ceremony 2019

CHSAA Memorial Forest Ceremony 2019

The CHS Alumni Association (CHSAA) staged its annual ceremony at the Memorial Forest, as usual on the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend. We had a good turnout with over 100 students and teachers (4 buses) plus the usual contingent of alumni who show up for the event. According to humanities teacher, Andy Coughran, the students loved the forest, and they liked meeting the alumni and knowing that Cleveland is a big community that goes all the way back to 1927. The students were thankful for the experience and the ability to connect with past generations. The teachers were pleased with the event. Andy said that “The forest and ceremony are very special and we love having our students connect with the alumni.”

The American flag was folded by three students: Isaiah-James Draculan, Kim Nguyen, and Andre Cabebe. Joan Koch, the recipient of the flag, represented ALL mothers who lost sons and daughters who were serving their country in times of war.
This year’s ceremony was a big success in terms of student participation, but it wasn’t without some problems. The honor guard from Camp Murray went to the high school instead of the Forest.

As we do every year, CHSAA provided lunches for everyone and paid for the buses.

A great bunch of students participated in the event. Without being asked, they set up chairs for the event and put them away afterward. The grounds, maintained by caretaker Roger Startzman, were as immaculate after the event as they were before.

Joan Koch was particularly moved by the quiet and respectful attention of the students during the ceremony. Bill Koch was also impressed with the students’ behavior and the effective way the faculty advisors handled the students… they let the students know what was expected of them, and the students were helpful and well behaved. The students seemed to appreciate and understand what the ceremony represented. Kudos to the students and their faculty for pitching in and helping clean up.

As usual, the event was highlighted by a flyover of thestealthfightersquadron,whichoccurredjustasBer- nie Moskowitz finished playing Taps. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see or hear them but we knew they were there. TheyhadflownfromArea51toparticipateintheevent. NextyearwearehopingforaB52flyoversowecansee and hear it.
Following the event, many of alumni went to the Roadhouse Inn & Restaurant in Fall City for lunch. Ev- eryone seemed to enjoy themselves.

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